I don’t know about you, but Lee and I L-O-V-E pancakes!  Living the ME-gan Lifestyle doesn’t mean saying “good-bye” to those things we love!  What it means is swapping out the ‘bad’ ingredients for the ‘great’ ingredients and turning your food into healthy creations!!

Who needs eggs when you have bananas or applesauce?  Who needs ‘milk’ when you have Almond milk, or Soy milk…etc?  And while we’re at it, lets trade in vegetable oil or any other kind for “the best”…Olive Oil!  While we’re on a roll, we’ll throw away the traditional white flour and use cornmeal & rice flour! Let’s add in some nutmeg, vanilla &  pecans!!  Now we’re cook’n!!  Say “so-long” to Mrs. Butterworth and make way for MAPLE SYRUP!

Don’t be afraid to try new foods and variations of recipes!!  Get fresh & lively with food and make your family happy with some new meals!  Quit living in the past and MOVE ON!!  It’s time for the new!!

The cornmeal-pecan pancakes I made yesterday were out of this world!!  They were simply…speaking of living in the past…as they said in the 70’s…”FAR OUT!!!”  Kids will LOVE THEM TOO!

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Again…Here’s to Living the GOOD LIFE!!