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As promised, I said I would let you know how the Socca came out!  Is there another word for OMG?  Because that’s all that’s coming to mind at the moment!  Envision walking down the decorated streets of Southern France… Nice to be precise!  Fresh flowers, fruits and vegetable stands everywhere!  People laughing, talking, & sipping on a hot cappuccino! Imagine the aroma of a local bakery – you walk in and order a freshly cut, hot slice of Socca!  It would be wrapped in a paper cone… you take it out, sit under a tree and ENJOY!  Hints of fresh basil, rosemary and thyme with every bite!  Food doesn’t get better than this!  You don’t want this moment to end, it’s so good!!

Continue walking, and you come across another bakery!  This time the aroma of ‘orange’ is in the air!  Ahh, but what is it?  You spot it…a beautiful, rustic looking ‘orange cake’ cooling on the counter! It almost looks like french bread!!  You can’t help yourself, you rush in…order a slice and start eating it before you have even paid for it!  You savor the warmth of each bite as it touches your lips!  Its freshness is as if the orange was just picked off a tree…probably because it WAS!  The frosting is creamy and also bursting with the fresh, sweet taste of orange.  You can’t understand how it’s dairy and egg free!  All this guilt free eating and still the flavors are amazingly unbelievable!!

This is how it was at our house last night!  These aromas were just swirling in the air, and the flavors were so intense our palates were dancing!!   Literally, every day we find something new and delicious!  If meat and potatoes are the star of the show in your house every night I urge you to venture out!  FOOD is amazing when you go gluten, meat, dairy and egg free!  It’s a whole new world of flavors!!

Here are some pictures!! See what you think!

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