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“Go to your room and just think about what you have done!”  That sounds like something June or Ward Cleaver would say when Beaver & Wally would show-up late for dinner!  That strategy does not work as well today, because many kids have a complete apartment in their room.  The tiny room is filled with a Color TV, turbo-charged computer (with 8 gig of RAM), stereo system, video games, mini refrigerator and other gidgets and gadgets! I don’t see much punishment there…do you?  Their favorite room in the house actually IS their bedroom! 

When it comes to the adults, the choice is easy…our favorite room has to be the kitchen!  It is there, in that magical land of love, where we are free to create incredible, healthy dishes to share with our friends and family (if they will come out of their room).  Since Mary first introduced to me the ME-gan Lifestyle of healthy eating, I have gained much more respect for all of the good and goodness that blossoms from that tight little area known as the kitchen. When we are cooking together, it is like a  ballet of movement without ever “bumping” or spilling a drop.  Sure, we have had some “near misses” but, mostly just laughter and great music to keep the cooking on tempo to the beat.  Just like grandma’s home so many years ago, great food, fond memories and much love are always found in the warmth of the kitchen

I thought you may enjoy these photos of a variety of kitchens past and present.  Our kitchen is very humble, but it is our favorite place to be together.  No one has to tell us to “Go to your room!”  We are already there, healthy & happy!

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 Mary returns tomorrow!  Allow me to thank her and you for the opprotunity to share some thoughts and ideas these past days.