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When I was a young man my mother, Kathryn, was very involved with herbs.  She used to grow them, study them and cook with them.  I recall having herb butter at the dinner table and her hosting an occasional herbal luncheon and lecture.  She was as far from a “hippie’ as one could be, but she was very intrigued by the magic of these forgotten plants.  During the early 1970’s in Ohio, the Toledo Blade newspaper did a feature article on her and her herb garden.  We owned a family furniture store and met a variety of many people. She used to laugh about one customer who came in and said: “Oh, I know you. You’re the lady who plays with weeds!”  In his mind these glorious plants were no more than weeds, simply because he was unfamiliar with them.

In her later years, Kathryn spent most of her time dedicated to the study and growing of herbs.  She cooked with herbs and used them for minor medicinal purposes around the house.  It was only then that I learned she had originally became keenly interested in herbs following an illness, many years earlier, and had found little to no relief from traditional medicine.  Sound familiar?  One of the many herbs she always had growing was Lemon Verbena!  It originated in South America and was introduced to Europe in the late 1700’s.  It is a very fragrant herb and used in culinary for tea and salads. For medicinal, Lemon Verbena is good for stomach cramps, indigestion, colds and our favorite…flatulence!  Isn’t it incredible how many magical plants Mother Nature has provided to us that offer tremendous benefits at little to no cost?  Those same plants have been out there for thousands of years, just waiting for us to discover and to use for better living and better health.  Mary has used herbs in many of her own ME-gan dishes and has been cooking with them for years.  It’s all part of taking charge of our lives, our diet and our own health! Make it an adventure of enlightenment and satisfaction!

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Mary returns to this BLOG on Wednesday!  Have a wonderful and informative week!

Lee Bortel  –  Guest writer