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It is my pleasure to “fill-in” for Mary until her return to this BLOG on Wednesday.

It has become increasingly clear to me that Americans, as a culture, have been on a “fast track” to the destruction of their bodies by the food we have been eating.  Just by reading this BLOG  indicates that you are seeking information to help change that path in your life as well.  Mary & I continue to try and “undo” the problems caused by the many chemicals, preservatives, additives, saturated fats, sugar and more that we have consumed over time. It is a challenge for anyone to “kick” the addictions we have to the junk food and begin to eat a more natural, organic and healthy diet.

Since it is difficult for an adult to make a complete “turn around” in eating, the best solution would be to have never started eating that way the in the first place.  Ooops!  Too late for that now!  So, we go through the process of re-training our minds and bodies on the road to a more healthy lifestyle.  So then, the question becomes…what about the kids?  They currently are living on a diet of; chips, soda pop, candy, pizza, tacos, burgers, ice cream and French fries.  It will take some time and creativity by the adults to modify this eating behavior and we can’t assume the schools or government will lead the way.

Hey, it’s tough enough for us to make the change…so, I think they (the kids) will go “kicking & screaming” into the land of healthy eating.  Perhaps that is why they call it “kicking” an addiction!  This all relates to Mary and the ME-gan Lifestyle, since she has carefully crafted dishes that are similar to those foods kids crave, but healthy too.  Eating the very best from Mother Nature is truly the road to happiness, so let’s pack a healthy snack and start walking…no, running!  “Honey, do you have the kids?”  “No dear, I thought you had the kids with you!”


Lee Bortel