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No, this is not a murder mystery.  It is all about the magic and splendor that is so unique to living in the Arizona desert climate.  There is so much beauty across every state in America that we often talk about moving to another location.  No place is perfect, but every place is special!  The key is to savor and appreciate where we are at any given moment as part of living in the now!

Whenever we have had enough of television, or the news, or the politics, we like to pack a few select pieces of fruit and cold drinks, then off to visit the local Botanic Gardens.  When we begin to eat more healthy foods, our brain and body begin to work more as a team, which results in a greater appreciation for everything else that surrounds us.  This is one of the many beauties the ME-gan Lifestyle brings to your life!  It is wonderful to get back to nature and enjoy the beauty we have with us this very day.  It is very calming and a place to reflect on the more important issues in life,  such as the wonder of how these beautiful flowers can burst from a cactus in the middle of a desert.

Take a look at these photos taken by Mary & I a few weeks ago and see for yourself a closer look at the Mystery Of The Desert!

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I hope they are as soothing for you as they are for us.  Have a superb and relaxing weekend!

Mary is giving birth to her book and will return to this BLOG on Wednesday, July 13th – as promised.

Lee Bortel