When LOVE blossoms, the celebration with food is usually near by!  These days, Mary and me are spending more & more time in the kitchen and much less time at restaurants!  Why?  Simple, we are having more fun, with better food and for much less cost!  The added bonus is that we are eating more healthy than we ever did before.  The kitchen has replaced the TV room as the cool place to “hang” together.  We cook together, laugh together, co-create new dishes and then enjoy the satisfaction of an incredible new dish!  Gone are the days of me outside at the grill (like most men, I was really just watching the food cook and keeping it from burning) while Mary was in the kitchen doing all of the real work.  Now, it is an adventure and a true joy to be together and co-creating some fantastic, healthy dishes.  We don’t even think of it as work…it’s a fun place to be that is full of satisfaction!

As a suggestion to those couples, or close friends, who view the kitchen as another place of more work at the end of a hard work day…you may be well served to revise your thinking and turn it into another chance to enjoy all that life has to offer.  That opportunity being the close, creative, fun time with the one you love and enjoying an incredible, healthy meal co-designed by you!  Cheers to Amore!

Lee Bortel

(Mary’s husband and kitchen mate!)