I’m ITALIAN!  And – with that said you can imagine how I LOVE Mozzarella cheese!  Or, as we say amongst us Italians…”MOTZ -A-RELL!”  But, I don’t eat dairy so “how can I enjoy this?” one might ask.  If I haven’t said it already then let me say it now – there’s just about nothing that a person can enjoy in the ‘traditional’ style of eating that is not also available in gluten free, animal free, dairy or egg free!  If you too are a Mozzarella cheese lover then you must try this – you won’t even taste the difference only that it’s better!  “Follow Your Heart Mozzarella Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative”  This is my gift to YOU today!  Once you try it you’ll agree with how delicious it is!

This afternoon I was in the mood for something light yet tasty!  I had been thinking about the Isle of Capri and how breathtakingly AWESOME it is – wishing I were there @ this very moment!  The thought of Capri reminded me of Caprese Salad and it turned out to be exactly what I needed to satisfy my hankering!

No – I’m not missing out on a THING eating gluten free, animal free, dairy and egg free!  I just don’t want you missing out!  C’mon and join in – you’ll love it!

Here are some mouthwatering photos for you to enjoy!  MANGIA!

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Love and Kisses to ALL!