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What did potatoes ever do to deserve such a bad reputation?  They never harmed a soul!  The ancient Incas grew them and even worshiped them!  When I went to Ireland I  learned about the “Great Famine”  which was caused because the potato crop became diseased.  It lasted from 1845 to 1849, and caused at least one million people to die of starvation!  So no wonder the Irish love their potatoes today and eat them with every meal!

Quite frankly, potatoes are my best friend!  All you ever hear about is how a potato is full of starch and makes you gain weight.  But…wait a minute – what about the GOOD things a potato has to offer?  How come those are never mentioned?  Potatoes are LOADED with vitamin C, B-6, copper, potassium, manganese & dietary fiber.  They have more potassium than a banana! Who would have known?  We never hear these things!  And by the way, potatoes don’t make us fat – it’s all the junk we load on top of the potatoes!!  Sour cream, cheese, bacon…my GOSH!  Oh.. and don’t forget about how you ‘cook’ them!  Are you frying them?  Are they grease ladened?  Are they mashed with a pound of butter and tons of milk or cream?   Hello!  See what I’m saying? Potatoes themselves have NO fat, and LOW calories!  They offer protection against cardiovascular disease & cancer!  They are another gift from GOD to us, and yet they get put down all the time!

When I was doing weight watchers years ago the potato was truly the best thing that ever happened!  For those of you who are familiar with the weight watcher point system, you will hear me when I say the potato – and a big one too, not just a tiny one, is ONLY 2 points, and they are very satisfying to your tummy!  To dress it up I would pour salsa on it which is 0 points, and maybe a spoonful of fat free sour cream, 1 point, if I really felt like splurging!   See, as with everything in life, we need to take things in CONTEXT!  Look at the whole picture, not just part of it.  I guess if you were on a low carb diet then sure a potato may not be on your menu, but for someone who is counting calories and fat then it would be on their menu!  And for people like me who eat gluten free, animal free, dairy and egg free – then you better believe it’s on THEIR MENU!  And by the way… they are SIMPLY DE-LISH… so I actually feel sorry for those who are misled to believe the potato is not their friend – they are really missing out on a good thing!  Just the FACTS!

Enjoy some fresh boiled potatoes tonight, or maybe a baked potato with fresh homemade salsa on top!  Mmm Mmm!!  Thank you Mother Nature – once again!

Ciao for now,

Mary – XXOO’S