I’m reposting my original challenge blog for sentimental reasons!  I seriously cannot believe it’s been 47 days.  Re-reading this will refresh your memory on how I was feeling and what my thought process was.  But before I post my ‘AFTER’ thoughts and pictures, I must go to church, and then run my last my last mile!  Here’s to it!!


Feel like taking a challenge with me?

Let me begin by telling you that 1 year and 3 months ago, I was 30 lbs heavier than I am now (those pictures will be posted ‘later’).  Although I certainly wanted to lose weight, and had tried several different approaches to weight loss, I was unsuccessful.  My body was retaliating against all the ‘crap’ I was eating and I knew it, but continued on anyway.  For too long I experienced bloating, gas, migraines, tiredness, mood swings, depression and much more.  I finally started listening to my body and changed my eating habits.  First I stopped eating gluten, and then 8 months later started eating vegan style. 
I feel better, lost weight, and am so much happier!  I feel like I accomplished something, and all on my own!  I’m proud of myself. 
But unfortunately, as the weight continues to come off, my body is left all stretched out and BLAAA!  I need lifts and tucks and all sorts of things.  But I am definitely not one to go under the knife for vanity reason, no sir, no way! I am exercising, but it’s time to kick it up a notch!  Turn the lever to ‘TURBO’ baby!
So, here’s my challenge…
I’m going to run 1 mile, every day for 47 days!  If I survive, and let me add that like the little engine that could, I scream to you “I THINK I CAN… I THINK I CAN!!”, I’m hoping my ‘after’ pictures will look MUCH BETTER THAN THESE ‘BEFORE’ ONES!!  I’m so embarrassed to post them, but it’s all about being a better person, and changing your lifestyle!   Life is for living, so let’s LIVE!  To get the most out of life, our bodies have to be lean, mean, muscle machines, and our minds must be in optimal condition. 
The challenge is on, and it starts on this coming Wednesday, April 27th.  Are you in? 
Please let me know and send me pictures to ML@livingglutenfreevegan.co,  if you choose to do so!  I think this will be great!  I’m looking forward to it!