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Truth be said, I thought a mile a day for 47 days would bring BIG RESULTS!  I thought I’d lose 10 lbs AT LEAST!  Just think about it…I’m not eating any more plus I’ve incorporated exercise!  Not only have I ran a mile each day, and some days 2 miles, I have also been lifting weights!  I’ve worked on my upper body as well as lower body, and everything in between!  But guess what…I haven’t lost a pound.  How can that be?  I’m sure everyone’s first reaction is “easy…you’re trading fat in for muscle and muscle weighs more than fat,” but I’m not buying it!  I couldn’t have gained THAT much muscle!  Serious?  No way.

I can testify however that I am in better physical condition!  I started off barely running a 16 minute mile, out of breath and hating myself for taking on this challenge.  Lee and I both have taken this challenge and become better people for it!  Better both physically and mentally!  What better way to tell yourself you’re ‘worth it’ than successfully completing your very own challenge?  So, on June 12th, the last day of my challenge, when I post a before and after picture of myself, I’m not quite sure if there will be any noticeable differences, but if endurance could show through, it would be there screaming “I’M HERE, I’M HERE, LOOK AT ME!!”

Life is about LIVING!!  So the most important thing is that we are HEALTHY!  Happiness goes hand in hand with HEALTH… not WEALTH!  Get on with life!  Start LIVING and quit EXISTING!!  Take a cruise!  Live!  Love!  LAUGH!!  Remember to feed your mind and body with GOD’S very own best foods!  Leave the JUNK behind!  Here are some pictures of Lee and I from our honeymoon! THAT WAS LIVING!!

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I have been pondering whether or not to do a ‘next’ challenge, and today as I was running I think I decided I will, and based on what it entails, it’s going to be quite some challenge!  STAY TUNED!!

Challenges!!  Take one on today!