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When you find that self-control, you know the kind that can take you down the path to health you’ve never known, happiness you’ve never known and self-empowerment you’ve never known… well it is just the beginning to a whole new you!  The flood gates open and life comes pouring in!

Living gluten free vegan opens your world to opportunities you’ve never even dreamed of.  See, there’s more to life than being addicted to food!  LIVE… don’t just EAT!  When you do eat, eat guilt free from the food that God created which was designed by HIM to keep your mind and body in optimum condition in order for you to live a long, vibrant life with those you love!  I challenge you to hop on board!  Catch the WAVE!

I’d like to share a passage from author W. Terry Whalin, from his book “Jumpstart Your Publishing Dreams” – I think you will find it most motivational – this is my GOOD MORNING gift to you.  Enjoy your Sunday, as I am off now to church, and then to run my day 40 mile!


Chapter 1:  Jump into the Water – the Imperfect Process

From my earliest memories, the printed page has played a key part of my life. Like many young parents, my mother read many
books to me. When I was given a chance to select the book, Mom tells me I almost always chose McElligot’s Pool by Dr. Seuss. Our family had most of this author’s popular books.

Many readers are probably saying, “McElligot’s Pool”? Through the proliferation of The Cat in the Hat, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish
Blue Fish, or the ever popular Green Eggs and Ham, many haven’t heard of McElligot’s Pool.

In the opening pages, a farmer laughs at the folly of a young boy named Marco who is actually called a “fool” because “You’ll never
catch fish In McElligot’s Pool!” Then the farmer launches into all the reasons why the boy will not be able to catch any fish.
For the rest of the book, Marco spins an imaginative tale about what’s really at the bottom of this pool and the wealth of possibilities connected to the sea loaded with fish. He concludes,

“Oh, the sea is so full of a number of fish,

If a fellow is patient, he might get his wish!

And that’s why I think

That I’m not such a fool

When I sit here and fish

In McElligot’s Pool!”

From those early days, the dreams and spirit of imagination were stirred in my own life. They set me on a path to publishing
which I continue walking down today.


I hope what Terry shared on ’McElligot’s Pool’ gives you the inspiration to go out and conquer your dreams!  Don’t quit, and don’t listen to others when they discourage you!  Dream BIG and allow your dreams to come true!

Love to all,