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I went gluten free 8 months before I started eating vegan too.  At first, when I cut gluten out of my diet, I was a little leery about losing breads and pastas!  Hey… give an Italian girl a break!!  I never was much of a sweet eater, but PASTA?  FUGGGITABOUTIT!!  Little did I know, but I soon found out, that there are TONS of gluten free, and gluten free vegan, products out there!  I kid  you not when I say I PREFER them over the gluten ingredient ones!  To me the breads, the pastas, the bagels, the donuts… they all have so much more flavor!  So if the fear of losing some of your favorite foods is holding you back, don’t give it a second thought!  Try the many gluten free products out there, I bet you will be pleasantly surprised!  Most stores carry at least a small line of these products.  Here in Phoenix we have a bakery called Gluten Free Creations, and they are out of this world!  I love their gluten free vegan pizza crust! OMG!  I bet you too have a similar bakery near you – check it out!!

My good friend, Dave Shannon, sent me this article from The New York Times on gluten free baked goods… I think you’ll find it to be good reading!

So check this out… I called my mom yesterday… dear, sweet Jackie Costa, and I asked her what she was having for dinner!  She told me she had made a pot of split pea soup!  I immediately said “THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD!”  See, when I was a little girl I used to love split pea with ham!  My dad used to buy a can of it just for me and I would eat it with a grilled cheese sam-ich!  Everyone else would turn their nose up to it!  I always loved ‘weird’ things… Take LIVER for example, I’m pretty sure I was the only kid I knew who LOVED liver!  But obviously I don’t eat all this stuff anymore!  But, remove the ham and what do you got?  A scrumptious bowl of split pea soup!  Who needs the ham?  I don’t!

Here are some pics of the ‘making of’ and the ‘finished’ product of my pea soup!  I made it the way Jackie does.  She sautes onion, carrot, celery and garlic in some evoo, then pours it into the pot of split peas, and cooks it about 3 hours!  The cooking directions on the bag of split peas says to cook for 30 minutes.  This is just SO WRONG!  These are not even close to being done in 30 minutes!  I just don’t get it!  I wonder how many people follow those instructions and say “GROSS!” and then never eat them again??  So there’s my little tip to you!  Cook 3 hours and then….PRESTO!  It’s time to chow down!  Lee and I ate a bowl for breakfast this morning!  I can’t even tell you how incredibly delicious this soup is! OMG!

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Maybe after my run today I’ll eat another bowl!!

“Gluten free vegan Mmm Mmm Goodness” to all of you!