>Friday, May 27, 2011, day 31 of my challenge, going into Memorial Day weekend!! Yeah Baby!! Summer’s on, and it’s HOT!! What better to start it off than to get up early, eat a bowl of oatmeal loaded with some fresh fruit, and on to the gym for a run and a workout!! The countdown is on; the finish line is so close it’s unbelievable…16 more days!!! SWEET SIXTEEN!! Then I can say 47 days came and went and I had something to say about it, with Lee by my side the entire challenge!  We’ll  have maximized that time and made ourselves better and stronger – in all ways.  No guilt, no regrets, just a feeling of proud accomplishment! Oh no…. am I counting my chickens before they hatch? I don’t think so!! Lee & I will both meet this challenge! Be positive, it’s OK! 

Success is all around!!  My dreams of publishing a book are coming to fruition!!  I’m so happy and excited about it! I want to share it with the world!!! Again… wish me luck!!

Fresh beets are on the menu for later today! And the greens that are part of the beet are edible I hope you know!! Steam them both… the beet and the green, and then ENJOY!! Mmm Mmm !!!