27!  What a great number!!  When I was 27 years old I moved from Washington, D.C. to Phoenix, AZ !  I had a 7 yr. old, a 4 yr. old and a 2 yr. old!  That was 20 years ago!   Now my oldest daughter, Natalie, is 27 and she has a soon to be 1 year old daughter!  My 2nd daughter, Amanda, is now 24, and has a 2 yr. old son, and an 11 month old daughter.  My only son, Nathan, is 22 and currently serving in the US Navy stationed in Afghanistan.  He and his wife, Virginia, are expecting their 1st child, a little boy, in September!  PLUS, along the way I decided to have a 4th child, my daughter Maria who graduates from HS this week, and she is 18 yrs. old!  Wow!!  It’s all mind-boggling to me!  Does time fly or what?

Nathan and Virginia at Great Lakes Naval Training Center! GRADUATION DAY!
Today is day 27 of my 47 day challenge!!  I’ll be looking back on it someday, thinking to myself wow… that seems like yesterday!

Time will pass us by no matter what, so we may as well get the most out of it!  Don’t you agree?  Today on that treadmill my adrenaline started flowing and I had that mile ran in no time!!  What a great way to release endorphins!  Do you know that endorphins cannot be replicated by man?  Our very own bodies are their only producers!   They HEAL!  Yes… they do.  Laughing is a GREAT source to release endorphins!  God gave us our very own, special, unique medicine within our bodies! 

Release endorphins today by exercising and SMILING!  When you’re happy, your body is happy!  And remember to stay positive!  Negativity can bring you down!  Keep it out of your life in all aspects!  If someone is irritating you, treating you bad and unkind, just tell them “HEY.. I don’t allow negative influence in my life.  Bye.  Come back when you have something nice to share!”   It’s that simple!

Here’s to day 27… 20 more to go!  I WILL meet my challenge! 

God bless the USA and all our troops!!  Get home safe!