>I used to be great at squashing my own hopes, goals and dreams!  Every time I would imagine pursuing something that I would love to do, I’d find a million reasons why it couldn’t be done!  If excuses were dollar bills I’d be rich! 

Not enough money in the bank; too many bills; kids are too young and holding me down; I’m not secure enough in my personal life; they’re foolish ideas that wouldn’t produce $$ anyway!  Oh… the list goes on! 

Sometimes I would talk myself out of something sooner than the idea itself left my head!  But I’m not like that anymore!   I’ve finally learned that I can and will accomplish anything I choose to.  If I don’t do something it’s because I don’t want to!  And when I do want to do something then watch out…don’t stand in my way!  I won’t allow it!

My mere 47 day challenge to run a mile each day is almost meaningless when I look around and see the mountains that people are climbing every day!  Fighting cancer, rehabilitating their bodies and minds after an accident, overcoming the odds in all facets of life!  The battle to survive exists and it’s everywhere!  These people are finding all the reasons they can to PRESS ON so they can accomplish their hopes, goals and dreams!!   Think of how many times we chose not to do something, all the missed opportunities we allowed to happen throughout our lives!  We can’t get that time back, but today is the first day of the rest of our life so let’s not let it happen again!
My sweet mom, Jackie Costa, who has the most positive outlook on life than

anyone I know! She loves the Lord and takes nothing for granted!  I wish you all

could meet her!  In this photo she is displaying her succulent figs from her very own fig trees!

Battles and dreams are not meant to be accomplished alone.  All things are possible with God.  When YOU have the will HE provides the way! 
Today I accomplished another small goal… day 24 of my challenge!  I am so thankful that I can mentally and physically do it!  I have learned to take nothing for granted, no matter how big or how small!  Find the blessings in each and every thing!  I don’t run from my dreams anymore, I follow them!
Love, Mary