>Today is day 20 of my 47 day challenge! Another one in the bucket! As I was running on the treadmill, I noticed the man next to me and recalled that he had been overweight, and that well over a year ago he suffered a heart attack.  It seems as if it were just yesterday that I saw him in the neighborhood getting some exercise with the use of a walker and the assistance of others. Now look at him! He was dripping with sweat, running hard and fast! Wow!!  And he had lost so much weight since the last time I’d seen him!  Who would imagine the heart could heal and allow this type of exercise? But it does! Our heart is the organ that keeps us alive! We need to keep it pumping!!  I can’t help but wonder if this man changed his diet in any way.  It’s obvious that he’s exercising, and THAT’S great news!!

Learning what’s good for us and what’s bad for us is a must!! We need to know what clogs our arteries!! It’s very important…don’t ya think? I can’t believe anyone would intentionally do this to their bodies! Our diet is what makes and breaks us!! But if we’re not willing to change, then change won’t happen!! The human body was built to perform, and again… it all depends on what we feed it and how we treat it!!

Be good to your mind and body!  Your body is a temple, and it’s also a gift, so don’t throw that gift away.  Some people get second chances, but unfortunately that’s not the case for all. It’s never too late to change your lifestyle and put an end to those old, bad habits! You know what I’m going to say……….eat gluten free, meat free, dairy and egg free!! Take the supplements that you as an individual needs, and be on a path to a long, healthy, happy life!


Yesterday I made a very delicious meal with potatoes!  I boiled some fingerlings, then diced them up, sautéed with chopped garlic, red, orange and yellow mini peppers, and onion! 

Ummm Ummm … man did it taste GOOD!!  And the aroma filled the house……….so yummy!   Just call me spud girl! I love the potassium that the potato gives me!  How nice of it!!

Eat heart healthy!  DO IT!

Love always,