>I was wondering last night as I was lying down to sleep “what did I get myself into?”  This challenge has literally been a challenge for me, and it’s only day 4!!!

I like to push myself, and sometimes I get mad at myself for doing that, but in the long run, I’m always glad I did. 

There are two things I’m always glad I did when they’re over and they are exercising and going to church!  Sometimes I need to push myself to do both, but I never regret doing them! 

My run is getting slightly easier each day.  I’m breathing better.  My body can definitely feel it!  I’m a little sore, and stiff.  I’ve been stretching each morning before I run.  Speed was not my challenge, only that I run a mile each day for 47 days. 

But I definitely want to prove to MYSELF that I can improve on speed and endurance.  I won’t get discouraged no matter what.  Staying positive and pressing on always seem to be a constant challenge.  Today I completed my run in 15:16.  What will tomorrow bring?

On WE go…