>No need to live off restaurants and fast food, no sir… I love good food, but I LOVE MY OWN good food even better!

Lee and I love to shop for our food and cook our food!

Breakfast today, or should we say ‘brunch’, was so yummy!  Sometimes I call myself “spud girl”.  I LOVE potatoes!  I need the potassium too!  The potato is nutritious and 0 FAT!  Dress it up with some salsa and/or guacamole to make it even yummier!  No need to hide it’s succulence behind butter, creams, and bacon!

Today we had fresh homemade hash browns with peas, and then some left over tofu on top!  Ummm Ummm.  LOV’N IT!  Here are some pics!!!  MANGIA!  Again… here’s to the sweet life of living gluten free vegan!