>It’s day 1 of my challenge and I have officially ran my first mile! To be completely honest, I walked ‘some’ of it!  I would say about 1/4 of it. But when I did have to slow down to a ‘fast’ walk, it was only to catch my breath.   Hey… it’s only going to get better from here, right?  My time was 16:34.  Let’s see if by the end of this challenge if I can’t make it to a 10 minute mile, nonstop! YES!  I think I did GREAT for my first run in a very long time!  I remember the days when I would run 2.5 miles a day!  Wow… those were the days!  I was in shape!! Can you say HARD BODY!  Now I’m older, and not even half as in shape as I was. 

I am, however, on a path of self-preservation! I’ve changed my entire lifestyle! All NAT-UR-AL!! I don’t want pills, or surgeries, I just want to do what I can on my own, and see the results take place right before my very own eyes.  Eat, drink and be MARY!   I make sure I eat and drink the healthy stuff, and being MARY, well, you could say… it comes NATURALLY!  LOL!!

LOVE TO ALL!!!  Here’s to health, happiness and a long life!