My mom used to cook a lot of kale and collard greens when raising her family.  Back then I think people considered it either “country folk’ food, or “poor folk” food.  She’d also have us kids pick dandelion greens from our own back yard.  They were absolutely de-lish!  Those were the good ol’ days for sure!  I remember a friend of mine being over at the house and saw us picking them and said “you’re poor!”  Imagine that!  I wonder if that girl is a vegetarian or vegan today? 

Collard greens lightly sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, green & red peppers, corn and green beans.
My mom also used to cook just about every kind of bean you can name.  I’m not kidding!  She was quite the healthy eater, and was on to something back then before all the craze on vegetarian, raw and vegan eating began. I’m sure if it weren’t for my dad being Italian, and all the Italian food that we ate, we most likely would have been vegetarians for sure. 
I guess this is why it’s so easy for me to enjoy gluten free vegan food so much.  I was partly raised on it, and I’m blessed to naturally love it.  It’s all so good for us!!  Take collard greens for instance, they are a highly nutritious green that is rich in calcium.  They also have the greatest ability to lower cholesterol among all commonly known and eaten cruciferous vegetables (Brassicaceae or Cruciferae, also known as the crucifers, the mustard family or cabbage family is a family of flowering plants). Did you know that collard greens offer us health benefits such as cancer preventive properties?  This is because of 4 glucosinolates found in it:  glucoraphanin, sinigrin, gluconasturtiian, and glucotropaeolin. 
Whether it be collard greens, kale, or dandelion greens, just take your pick, and treat your body and your taste buds to some tonight! 
Fresh organic kale!  Ummm…