>When I used to eat hot dogs, I liked the ‘all beef’ ones!  They were great on the grill!  Slap some onions, mustard, and ketchup on it and it was good to go.  But my gosh…we all know where the ‘hot dog’ registers on the ‘good for you’ & ‘clog your arteries’ meter!

After Regis Philbin had his triple-bypass surgery in 2007, I recall seeing him being interviewed live as he was walking in New York City and the reporter was messing with him and offered him a hot dog.  Regis put his two pointer fingers up in the air, one over the other, as in the shape of a ‘cross’, and said “get it away from me!”  Boy if that didn’t say it all!

Hot dogs signify America right?  Baseball, hotdogs, apple pie?  The GOOD OL’ USA?  Saying ‘good-bye’ is never an easy thing!  But it doesn’t have to mean the end.  We cannot hold on to what is bad for us in fear we’ll lose all those old-fashioned values that we hold near and dear to us.  For example, in many families, food=love; and therefore if you give up food you’ll lose the love.  This is simply not true.  It’s false thinking and only keeps us from moving on and improving on our overall health.

Lee & I found a replacement for the hotdog… it’s tofu pups!  Wow.  Easy to cook and the taste is completely awesome!  We didn’t find ourselves ‘getting used’ to the taste!  No.. it’s not like that at all!  They are great – that’s it!  And you top them just as you would a regular hot dog – there’s no difference other than they are not going to clog your arteries! And quite frankly (no pun intended), they taste better!

If I haven’t said it a thousand times already, eating gf vegan is simply worry free, guilt free eating!

EAT… enjoy, and know that you are giving your body only the best!

So, good-bye old friend… hotdog, but OOOPS … you’ve been replaced!  And we’re NOT sorry!